Diesel Bug Test Kit 5 Pack

Diesel Bug Test Kit 5 Pack

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• Nutrient Agar with TTC allows convenient enumeration of aerobic bacteria.

• Convenient total viable count as well as yeasts, moulds and fungi in a single test. Rose Bengal is a growth medium for yeasts, moulds and fungi. The Rose Bengal dye limits growth to allow easier enumeration. Chloramphenicol antibiotic additive ensures less interference from bacterial contamination.

• Nutrient Agar with TTC gives total viable count.

• Colonies show up as red spots.

• Ideal for general use in a wide variety of applications and industries.

• Diesel fuel for ‘Diesel Bug’ micro-organisms found in fuel storage.

• Water Industry. • Food Industry.

• Environmental Hygiene.

• Cutting Fluids.

• Flexible Paddle for easy surface contact.

• Large paddle for easy reading.

• Individual dip slide labelling.

• Instructions in use

• Comparison Charts for Bacteria, Yeasts and Mould

• Incubation periods in hours

• Incubation temperatures

Test Kit Datasheet


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