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This is not a replacement for laboratory oil analysis but an additional tool for instant 'on site' visual results. Advance notification of any oil deterioration is a certain method of safeguarding your engines from any possibility of component or lubrication breakdown/failure. If you are thinking of buying or selling a vehicle/boat/motorcycle etc. then an instant test can give you a good indication of oil condition and will help in identifying coolant leaks, fuel dilution, oxidation, sediment, sludge formation and wear debris. Each boxed kit contains 20 test cards (approx 0.95p a test). Consider taking your vehicle for a service......take a test before and after........was the engine flushed and the oil changed....OILSPY can tell you. Buying a used car...take a test run, take the OILSPY test......you only need a drop of warm oil from the dipstick to give you peace of mind on engine condition.

This unique, easy to handle oil test kit will identify specific oil problems and thereby common engine defects in about 15 minutes, giving the earliest warning of problems that could affect the weakest link in the engine… the oil. One drip of warm dipstick oil on our special pad will identify deficiencies and root causes that could otherwise cause major engine failure. Ever wondered if your vehicle has had the oil changed, take a check before the service and after to compare the results. This kit can also be used on hydraulic oils to test for water.

The OS paper will demonstrate an oil is dispersing uniformly if the stain itself is uniform. As soon as you introduce water then that is upset as the water disperses more rapidly that the oil and there is carry over giving the tell tale "tree trunk" rings.  If the oil is oxidized then the oxidants (a sticky goo) will remain in the middle, if there is fuel in the oil that is a different viscosity and will form a 'corona' around the outside of the ring.

This kit is great as a guide and for quick results but does not replace Laboratory Oil Analysis, used wisely it can assist in identifying areas of concern or suspicion e.g. fuel in engine oil, water in oil and help prevent component failures prior to laboratory analysis. Also useful if purchasing a used vehicle, plant or machinery as it can be used out on site.


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