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Suppliers of fluid sampling equipment, oil and diesel fuel filtration systems and oil and fuel analysis services.

NEW Products Ranges

Coming Soon.........a new range of filtration units designed for rough terrain & light weight portable units 


FA-ST have expanded our bottle range to include new sizes of sampling bottles to allow for an increased range of samples to be taken

    PETG120-38 - Our new 120ml clear plastic sampling bottles                     


 PETG200-38  - Our new 200ml clear plastic sampling bottles 


JC6LHDPE - 6 Litre opaque plastic jerry can


We stock a huge range of products including the following brand names Aqua-Zorb, Kleenoil, Des-Case, Kleentek, Kautex, Easy Vac, Fluid Sampler, Ecospill, By-pass Filters, Diesel Fuel Filtration, Hydra Bio-Cide Diesel Fuel Treatment, Oilcheck, Oil Spy, Magclamp, Bag Filters, MicroMag, Kolor Kut, Mini-Mess, Diesel FAME Tester and much more......browse our site for all your oil filtration, sampling and analysis needs. 

Click the pictures to find full product details. FA-ST is a Midlands based company offering oil filtration solutions,oil sampling equipment, installations of oil by-pass filter units, filter carts, particle counting, oil sampling and laboratory analysis, contamination control to all industries in the UK, Europe and Worldwide. Using up to date technology FA-ST can identify and remove water and particle contamination levels in all types of mineral, synthetic, biodegradable oils, cutting fluids etc. and diesel fuel and offer a variety of solutions. The FA-ST on-line shop is here to assist you to find your oil sampling, analysis and filtration needs.

Discounts automatically apply to regular and repeat orders or for bulk quantities. Arrangements to open Company Credit Accounts can be made by contacting our sales team.

FA-ST Ltd provide cost effective oil & fuel oil filtration solutions and a comprehensive oil analysis service to all industries that can help to significantly reduce businesses overheads,reduce operating costs, reduce waste and minimise the impact to the environment.

Oil should not just be regarded as a disposable or replaceable commodity, most oils do not wear out, but they do become contaminated with dirt, metal particles and water. Oils and fuels can be filtered and cleaned to extend their useful life.

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Coming Soon a new range of filtration units designed for rough terrain & light weight portable units arriving on the FA-ST website SOON!!!!